I'm the data, playing the data, disguised as another data...
Stegonography: The art of hiding data in something else, in order to communicate that data in a covert way.

Stego Tools and resources

  • ​Online Steghide tool - These pages use the steghide program to perform steganography, and the files generated are fully compatible with steghide.
  • ​Caesum's Stego Guide - Caesum's Handbook has tons of great resources for CTF challanges and one of the best Stego guides around.
  • ​outguess - OutGuess is a universal tool for steganography that allows the insertion of hidden information into the redundant bits of data sources.
  • ​snowdrop - Snowdrop provides reliable, difficult to remove steganographic watermarking of text documents and C sources
  • ​steghide - Steghide is steganography program which hides bits of a data file in some of the least significant bits of another file in such a way that the existence of the data file is not visible and cannot be proven.
  • ​stegsnow - This utility can conceal messages in ASCII text by appending whitespaces to the end of lines. Because spaces and tabs are generally not visible in text viewers, the message is effectively hidden from casual observers. And if the built-in encryption is used, the message cannot be read even if it is detected.

Image analysis

  • ​Forensically - An amazing online tool that can provide different levels of photographic analysis on an image.
  • ​Asperisolve - Aperi'Solve is an online platform which performs layer analysis on image. The platform also uses zsteg, steghide, outguess, exiftool, binwalk, foremost and strings for deeper steganography analysis.
  • ​StegoOnline - A web-based, enhanced and open-source port of StegSolve. Upload any image file, and the relevant options will be displayed.
  • ​StegoToolKit - This project is a Docker image useful for solving Steganography challenges as those you can find at CTF platforms
  • ​zsteg - Detect stegano-hidden data in PNG & BMP
  • ​stegcracker - StegCracker is steganography brute-force utility to uncover hidden data inside files.

Audio Stego

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