Google Dorking

  • @[Search term] Searches a keyword on social media
  • “Search term” Searches an exact match
  • “Search * term” Searches the * for any wildcard
  • (+) (-) (“) (.) (*) (|) (“String” | String) Force inclusion of something common Exclude a search term Use quotes around a search phrase A single-character wildcard Any word boolean ‘OR‘ Parenthesis group queries 06 cache:[url] Searches for cached versions of a site or page
  • numrange[#]..[#]
  • daterange:startdate-enddate Must be expressed in *Julian time (and only in integers)
    • The number of days that have passed since January 1, 4713 B.C. unlike Gregorian days (those on the calendar)
  • link: [url] Shows links to the URL and helps determine site relation- ships and more importantly trust relationships; this gets treated like normal search text (not a modifier) when com- bined with other search terms though.
  • related: [url] Searches related to your search term
  • intitle: string to search Show only those pages that have the term in their html title
  • allintitle:[string] Similar to intitle, but looks for all the specified terms in the title
  • inurl: [string] Searches for the specified term in the url; for example inurl:”login.php”. (Can also do :port)
  • allinurl:[url] Same as inurl, but searches for all terms in the url
  • intext:“String to search” Searches the content of the page and similar to a plain Google search; for example intext:”index of /”.
  • allintext: “String to search” Similar to intext, but searches for all terms to be present in the text 07 filetype: [xls] Searches for specific file types; filetype:pdf will looks for pdf files in websites.
  • phonebook:[name]
  • [URL]&strip=1 Added to the end of a cached URL only shows Google’s text, not the target’s; perform a Google search, right-click copy/ paste the link and then paste the URL adding &strip=1
  • Changing your query to vary the extension case and modifying the query can help defeat some of Google’s blockers which work to defeat your search query
  •[email protected] Searching for email addresses
  • Eliminates obvious results, reducing most public, top ‘ranked’ unwanted results and bringing more useful results to the top of the search; you are looking for the relation- ship of links in both inbound and outbound directions
  • inurl: Port scanning, can be combined with the site operator
  • inurl:8080 -intext:8080 Servers listening on port 8080 removing results with 8080 in the page
  • filetype:inc intext:mysql_connect filetype:sql + “IDENTIFIED BY” -cvs Search combinations that goes after files with cleartext SQL passwords and credentials
  • intitle:”VNC viewer” Example of a search for sites that launch a VNC client
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