Red/Purple Teaming

Red Teaming


Adversary Emulation

Purple Teaming

  • ​EnterprisePurpleTeaming - Purple Team Resources for Enterprise Purple Teaming: An Exploratory Qualitative Study. Doctor of Science Cybersecurity at Marymount University Dissertation by Xena Olsen.
  • ​RE:TERNAL - RE:TERNAL is a centralised purple team simulation platform. Reternal uses agents installed on a simulation network to execute various known red-teaming techniques in order to test blue-teaming capabilities.
  • ​Purple Team ATT&CK Automation - Praetorian's public release of our Metasploit automation of MITRE ATT&CK™ TTPs
  • ​VECTR - VECTR is a tool that facilitates tracking of your red and blue team testing activities to measure detection and prevention capabilities across different attack scenarios
  • ​Mordor - The Mordor project provides pre-recorded security events generated by simulated adversarial techniques in the form of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) files for easy consumption.