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I'm the s0cm0nkey. I am a security analyst, threat hunter, pentester, researcher, and CTF enthusiast. By day, I run a SOC team and teach cyber security. By night, I play CTFs, hack things, and eat a professional volume of tacos. Ping me any time. I love to talk about all things security.


What is this?

There are so many guides for security floating around the internet, it is hard to know where they all are and which ones are worth their salt. I am writing this reference guide by leveraging my true skill in security: finding other people's hard work. I am not smart enough or skilled enough to top the creators of these tools or the professionals that have used them twice as long as I have.

What this will be is a collection of the best tools and resources I have been able to find and use for all my endeavors across cyber. With 10,000 different tools and blogs out there, it is hard to tell which has what you need. Hopefully, I can share the results of my trial and error process, and point you in the right direction towards the resource you need. This guide will provide some basic information where it can, and then point the reader to a slew of resources you can use to improve your skills.

Note: These are my personal notes and links curated for public use. The notes and comments are not all of my own. If someone has written something better than I, I will use it and link to their work. I do not claim any copyright or creative content.

Warning: Do not use any of the mentioned tools referenced here for illegal, unethical, or questionable purposes. These tools are for legitimate/approved testing and research only.


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